Fringe 2014 ~ Jester Sketches 2

Here’s another page from my sketchbooks.  This one circa 2008, drawn during a university lecture I seem to remember. And if my incessant habit of drawing technology-infused cartoon characters is any indication, we will all be wearing satellite dishes on our heads in the future.  You heard it here first. (I’m not anti-tech by the way. […]

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Fringe 2014 ~ Jester Sketches 1

It’s hard not to get sucked into ‘remember when’ moments whilst looking through sketchbooks.  You either flip the page really quickly, or succumb to the vacuous memories. I’m in the memory vac. This sketch was drawn in 2004, about a year after I moved to Japan.  I wasn’t drawing much those days ~ actually, I […]

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Ideas Are Found, Then Made

I’m of the mind that ideas are found, not made.  Like a sculpture hiding within a stone, we can find the idea if we are on the right frequency.  And what frequency is that exactly?  One that is unique and purposeful to each person.  For me I need a healthy life rhythm, a supportive circle, […]

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